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GANs & applied ML @ ICLR 2019

Understanding the bleeding-edge GAN papers from one of the world's best known AI research conferences. Some musings on the academic workshops on "applied ML".

AI Gets Creative Thanks To GANs Innovations

Review of some areas where GANs have been applied for all those people that keep asking me where do they get applied, haha.

List of ICML GAN Papers

All ICML GANs / Generative Papers: I went to Stockholm and spoke to academics, so you don't have to! Domain adaptation, 3D GANs, Data Inputation using GANs and much more!

Prioritised list of AI threats

My contribution to what I feel like is fundamentally lacking from the "dangers of AI" debate.

Coding for GANS & (Semi)-Learning

As it often happens, I get busy at work and forget to publish something I should have really done months ago. Well, this code is that thing. But at least it's now nice and shiny.

GANs & Semi-Supervised Learning

I know what you're thinking: can there be anything more exciting? Rest assured, the wild party don't stop there. So hold on to your glasses nerds, we're going to do some A-friggin-I. Or if you're into ML and think this minus the sarcasm. But actually, this is super cool.

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