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AI Gets Creative Thanks To GANs Innovations

Review of some areas where GANs have been applied for all those people that keep asking me where do they get applied, haha.

Prioritised list of AI threats

My contribution to what I feel like is fundamentally lacking from the "dangers of AI" debate.

...especially about the future

A year ago, I wrote about the Good Judgment Project -- an attempt to use prediction markets to study our understanding of forecasting of geo-political events. I was lucky to be selected as one of the participants in this project and now I am eager to share my thoughts.

Speaking at European Economic Congress 2015

I wanted to write a personal post about my experience speaking at an international conference and what I think the trouble with policy-makers trying to spur entrepreneurship is.

Web Summit Dublin 2014

An amazing week filled with learning about tech and startups, in the presence of inspiring people, cool businesses and most importantly fellow scholars--probably the most awesome group of people in existence.

#hackZurich 2014: A hackhathon to remember

My experiences at #hachZurich ( 30+ hours of coding, 5 hours of sleep, 14 hours of transportation door-to-door and back. One epic weekend.

AI Gets Creative Thanks To GANs Innovations

For an Artificial Intelligence (AI) professional, or data scientist, the barrage of AI-marketing can evoke very different feelings than for a general audience. For one thing, the AI indu

Prioritised list of AI threats

Prioritized list of AI threats: care about what you Musk (I apologise for the bad joke, but the original name of the article was “SELECT FROM ai_threats ORDER BY danger DESC” and even

...especially about the future

A year has passed since I started to make predictions for this fascinating project run by Philip Tetlock a man that has dedicated about 30 years of his life to understanding geo-political forec