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Posted on 14/09/2014 by Jakub Langr

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By this point you probably are already aware of the fact that this is a blog of a slightly eccentric individual. And for some reason decided to stay. You're a persistent one, aren't you?

I went to Oxford, studied very questionable degree and did some statistics/economics. I also was kind of crazy about the whole Massive Online Open Courses thing and forgot that real world existed. Then one day, after an intervention from my friends and family, I realized I should probably get off these MOOCs, but it was too late. I already finished 18 of them. But hey, at least I can remember playing with machine learning, data science, statistics, computer science and all the things awesome.

I was working in Data Science at a couple of startups (Mudano and Filtered, plus some smaller ones), at Entrepreneur First, Pearson Plc (all in London last two years), but I also have full-time like experience from international consultancies and NGOs.

Now I spend some time doing improv and updating this website.

If you want to, feel free to get in touch at james [dot] langr [at] gmail [dot] com or via the LinkedIn profile in links!

I now use LinkedIn as my resume.

GANs & applied ML @ ICLR 2019

TL;DR: at the bottom. I have just return

AI Gets Creative Thanks To GANs Innovations

For an Artificial Intelligence (AI) professional, or data scientist, the barrage of AI-marketing can evoke very different feelings than for a general audience. For one thing, the AI indu

List of ICML GAN Papers

In all seriousness, however, I do respect greatly all the amazing work that the researchers at ICML have presented. I would not be capable of anywhere near their level of work so kudos to them