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Artificially Intelligent Business

AI is moving forward at an amazing rate but we should take the time to appreciate all the amazing potential of the recent advancements. I want to take the time to get some technical appreciation for the business implications the recent AI may have.

Kaggle Struggle

My trip to the <1% of data scientists. Or in the the world of competitive data science and back again. Aka: three (relative) successes and a fail. Also how not to spend a lot of money on your data problem. I need to start writing better summaries.

...especially about the future

A year ago, I wrote about the Good Judgment Project -- an attempt to use prediction markets to study our understanding of forecasting of geo-political events. I was lucky to be selected as one of the participants in this project and now I am eager to share my thoughts.

Speaking at European Economic Congress 2015

I wanted to write a personal post about my experience speaking at an international conference and what I think the trouble with policy-makers trying to spur entrepreneurship is.

On MOOCs: Projects, Practice and Perspective

I said I will stop at finishing 14 online courses... and I am doing three MOOCs again. Review of my learning journey, projects I have done, reviews of great and good courses, my (brief) take on practices. UPDATED.

On Randomness in (Social) Science

Slightly technical, but relatively simple introduction to randomness and why it has to be everywhere around us. (Also check out the cool new LaTeX plug-in.)

Ready to do something?

Lot of mystery lies behind each of those two buttons.