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Web Summit Dublin 2014

An amazing week filled with learning about tech and startups, in the presence of inspiring people, cool businesses and most importantly fellow scholars--probably the most awesome group of people in existence.

#hackZurich 2014: A hackhathon to remember

My experiences at #hachZurich (http://hackzurich.com/): 30+ hours of coding, 5 hours of sleep, 14 hours of transportation door-to-door and back. One epic weekend.

Tracking the CrISIS in Syria

Exploring the power of Big Data approach (GDELT) applied to the civil war in Syria to get unconventional insights into the Syrian civil war and the terror tactics of ISIS.

Predictions R hard

Quick and dirty statistical modeling in R for social scientists, decision makers and enthusiasts. Insights from my involvement in a US intelligence project.

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